A Blind Date? For me? Tell me more!

A Blind Date? For me? Tell me more!

What kind of blind date are you talkin' about?

Put your trust in me to read your application, take you seriously, and set you up with someone I truly believe to be an awesome fit for you. Someone for a BLIND first date.... a photoshoot!

You and the stranger of my choosing will meet for a couple's photoshoot and (if you so choose) will exchange numbers at the end.

Before you apply, make sure to check out the application requirements below. Read it thoroughly so I know you're a good fit and I can consider you as a blind date candidate moving forward!

Application Requirements:

ALL genders, body types, race/ethnicities, and sexual orientations are encouraged to apply.

  • You're single.
  • You're 21 years of age or older.
  • You consider yourself to have an outgoing personality with a good sense of humor, especially since this is such an unusual and new type of experience.
  • You're comfortable in front of the camera.
  • You agree to the images, behind the scenes videos, and story being shared on social media/website/etc.
  • You agree to showing affection, intimate posing, and, if applicable, kissing a stranger.
  • You live within 1 hour of Providence, Rhode Island.
  • If you are chosen and a blind date is coordinated, you must be able to commit 100% to the date and time of the session, you cannot be a no-show. Please do no fill out an application if there is even a slight possibility that you will not show up, as you can imagine how negatively this will impact the other party.
  • You must fill out the below questionnaire in its entirety and be truthful about yourself.
  • You must submit 2-5 up to date photos of yourself.

Does the above sound like something you're still down for?

If your answer is something along the lines of, "HELL YEA!" then let's do this! Click the link below to apply and get started :)