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As a current foster momma to a wonderful toddler, I can tell you that I completely understand how important it is to document your foster and adoption journeys with the children you welcome into your home. Whether you're looking to celebrate your adoption, capture big milestones to add to your foster child's life-book, or just want to document this stage in your life with some fun professional photos- I'm here for you!

Photographs are incredibly important, especially for kiddos without much stability during their childhood. The photos that you take may be the only memory they have of their time with you. These pictures can help children bring together their past, present, and future as they grow up- photos matter and they matter so much; not just photos of the children, but photos with you as well!

Pay what you can: Mini Sessions

"Pay what you can" means what it sounds like; I offer one "mini session" day a year that is open only to foster and adoptive families (including families who have adopted in the last few years!). I don't charge any set amount for these sessions. As my client, you will be able to pay any amount you're comfortable with via Venmo (if you do not have Venmo, we can make another payment plan). If you cannot afford to pay at all, that's ok too. Profits will be donated to a local agency serving our community!

I know first hand just how much of our own money we spend on kiddos staying with us, the state stipend doesn't even cover half of what we spend on our families. This is why I want to make sure ALL families raising children in this way have opportunities to document with professional photos while simultaneously donating to a great cause (proceeds will be to a different agency each year).

When and where are the mini sessions?

The next adoption/foster pay-what-you-can mini sessions will be offered during May of 2024. The exact date and rain date will be shared soon! Follow along on @eewphotography (Instagram) or EEW Photography (facebook). Typically, these sessions take place in central Rhode Island.

What is a mini session?

A mini session is a brief/short photo session that lasts about 10-20min. The session may be quick, but we can pack so much fun into that short time span- trust me!

These sessions are on a set day (with a set rain date you agree to upon booking) and the sessions are scheduled back to back in order to fit in as many families as possible. If I have a year with more interest than I have time slots, a second photographer is on board and willing to donate their time to make sure everyone has their chance!

Worried a "mini session" isn't right for you?

With mini sessions, you can get some pretty awesome photos without having to commit to giving an hour+ of your time. This can be super helpful for those short attention spans or when you want photos, but life is just too hectic. Although mini sessions are great, they have their drawbacks. For example, if you (or your partner, children, etc.) are slow to warm up, you may not get the comfortable and authentic photos you're looking for in just 10-20min. Often, young children have a hard time warming up in such a short time unless they already know me pretty well. Mini sessions have less photos included in your gallery, so you'll have less of a selection than you would with a regular photo shoot.

If you think a longer photoshoot might be best for you and your foster/adoptive family, I'm also offering 25% off ANY portrait package! If you're interested in this instead, check out the link below to send an inquiry form over so we can get started (make sure to mention that you are a foster/adoptive family when you do).

If you have any other questions about how this all works, please feel free to contact me any time at all. You can find me on Instagram @eewphotography OR email me directly at .