In-home photo sessions are such a sweet & intimate style of photography, but are they right for you?

Check out the pros and cons list below to help you decide!




For many, professional photos can initially feel uncomfortable and totally out-of-your-element. Choosing to do photos at home can bring so much more comfort to your photoshoot. You’re in a familiar place where everything you need is at your fingertips. Plus, you get total privacy and comfort in your own home that you wouldn’t find in most public places, parks, etc. Not to mention- real bathrooms and avoiding park porta potties… just saying.


When you take photos inside your own home, you capture your life in the most personal way. Home is sacred. These aren’t just photos at a studio or a pretty park, they’re images of your every day life. You’re in your most personal and safe space, a space you’ve designed to be yours.

-Flexible Timing-

When we do photos inside the home, there’s significantly more flexibility in terms of timing. As a photographer, I typically schedule my sessions within one to two hours of sunrise or sunset for the most ideal lighting. When we’re taking photos inside the home, the options are endless. As long as there’s light outside, we can totally make it work! That means you can choose a time in the afternoon between naps, meals, plans, etc. instead of basing the session timing on sunrise or sunset. This is super helpful, especially for families with kiddos.


I think there’s something so incredibly special about taking photographs inside a home that you know, love, and created for yourself. You get to freeze moments in time that you will look back at forever. We always think about preserving memories of ourselves and our loved ones as the years go by, but what about our homes? They often grow with us. Whether you move, update rooms, etc… the home grows with you. It’s so sweet to have photos that not only show you and your loved ones frozen in time, but the place you call home as well.



-Too Personal-

As you read above, in-home photo sessions are incredibly personal, intimate, and special. This is both a pro and a con because, for some, this may be * too * personal. It’s 2022 and in the world of social media, professional photos often end up getting posted on facebook, instagram, etc. If you prefer to keep your personal life private, posting photographs that were taken in your home may feel “too personal” for you, which is totally understandable.


Of course if you’re taking photos in your home, the dreaded cleaning comes into play. You likely would want the space to look nice and clean/organized for the photos. That’s definitely an added task you wouldn’t have if you chose to take pictures elsewhere.

-In Summary-

I could be wrong, but I feel my pros and cons list has some personal bias… I LOVE in-home photos. That being said, they aren’t for everyone. I certainly feel the pros outweigh the cons, but your opinion could differ greatly. I am always happy to chat with each of my clients on an individual basis to help them choose the best location for them and their loved ones, but I hope this little guide helped you too!

-Emily W; EEW Photography-